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kit cartucce forcella pressurizzate Bitubo

Pressurized Fork Cartridge Kit Bitubo

ECH29 fork cartridge born for racing

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the new ECH29 pressurized cartridge because it combines a number of innovative systems such as: FPS, EC and LC . These systems are the result of extensive research and development by our department R & amp; D in collaboration with some of the best teams that participated in the World Superbike Championship, British Superbike Italian Championship.
tHE TARGET : provide maximum stability of 'the pilot forecarriage perfectly controlling the rate of descent even in the hardest braking; increase in the grip insert and distance curve thanks to the immediate hydraulic control; a uniform tire wear thanks to the instantaneous control of the applied forces. This gives to those who guide the maximum support in braking even at extreme tilt angles. Maximum curve run on all types of track.
  • hydraulic system with FPS system (Patent Bitubo) piston 27mm Alu
  • pumping rods 10mm with anti-friction surface coating
  • Mechanical limit switch with polyurethane pad
  • Springs Steel CrSi, with heat treatment, settling procedure and final shot peening.
  • Upper cap of the fork with integrated hydraulic spring preload (Patent Bitubo)
  • Independent damping adjustment in compression and rebound
  • Coaxial compensation chamber (Patent Pending)
  • Alu cartridge body with internal surface coating against friction
  • Hydraulic / sliding Separate lubrication
on the top cap are all adjustments, spring preload for the first time to implement hydraulics , extension and compression are distinct in the two cartridges, simple and intuitive.
ECH29 has the following adjustments white-space: normal; word-spacing: 0px;:
  • spring preload (range 12 mm 6 laps)
  • compression brake adjustment (in 24 clicks)
  • in the rebound adjustment (24 clicks)
EC Easy Changer : it is so called a system of rapid change : quick change of the spring and a new and exclusive cartridge dismantling system, with the key supplied without the need to detach the fork from the bike. This system makes fast change of set-up of the bike by technicians on the track.
LC Light Components : this product has a high percentage of leagues special light, which greatly lowers the weight of the previous YCE.
FPS, Full Pressure System is a symbol that embodies the highest expression efficiency and practicality of this patented system. This innovative damping system has been created to have immediate control oscillations of the fork while avoiding any cavitations of the internal fluid. The system is pressurized with gas at low pressure. The cartridges are asymmetrical, one controls the compression phase, while the other phase of extension. With two alternate chambers at the two ends, you can get a very high damping coefficient already from a very low speed.
SLIDING span > i> the packaging is accompanied by Oil Synt FUCHS SILKOLENE high smoothness, for external lubrication, guaranteeing perfect stability and highest performance.
Available for the most 'sports spread 600-1000cc on the market.
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