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Carb Cp D.21 Starter Air Knob Polini 201.2100 Aprilia Rs4 50 Cc Derby D50B


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APRILIA strong> : AF1 50 MINARELLI AM6 - MX 50 Minarelli AM6 - RS 50 MINARELLI AM6 - RX 50 MINARELLI AM6 - RX-SX 50 from 2006- & gt; (Derbi D50B) - THUNDER 50 Minarelli AM6 - SR 50 since 2006 - & gt; (Derbi D50B) - RS4 50 (Derbi D50B)

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This was the great Polini idea, and this is the great achievement: a new carburetor, where every component is designed, developed and manufactured by the company Bergamo. Available in a wide range of diameters of 15 / 17.5 / 19/21/23/24, is made entirely of aluminum, it has compact dimensions and a lower weight of 40% compared to a conventional carburetor. The very short suction duct is distinguished by the exclusive concentric design and a geometry able to better optimize the air flows in the gas transit phase. The fuel overflow in the atomizer is made in such a way as to ensure a correct dynamic of the flows at each position of the throttle opening. The entrance hole of petrol and the largest needle allow the constant draft even in the most extreme conditions of use. The float level, completely made of plastic, and the needle seal, are carefully controlled in production to ensure over time the same standard of efficiency. These features allow to significantly simplify the tuning of the calibration of the carburetor. Thanks to the extremely refined calibration scheme, the air flows gasoline, jet maximum and minimum jet have been designed to obtain the maximum performance with lower fuel consumption. The compact size of the new carburetor have necessitated a careful and meticulous management of the internal space and the maximum efficiency of all the components, subject to strict controls thousandth. To ensure a simple and accurate mounting on the most popular engines on the market, and compatibility with both the different original filter boxes that racing, flanges are available with a variety of diameters. The realization of a project as prestigious took a deep synergy of skills in the field. An extraordinary teamwork between the technical department and workshop to get that result is there for all fans eyes: a technologically superior product and absolute reliability. Yet another big test, which Polini always realizes the dreams of those who are"racing" inside. 100% Made in Italy

Calibration / Calibrations

Getto Massimo 100 - Main Jet 100 em>

Jet Minimum 40 - Low Jet 40 em>

Pin 14/22 - 14/22 Needle em>

24x30 Valve - Valve 24x30 em>

Compass Sprays d.2,7 - Atomizer Bush d.2,7 em>

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